Castellated Beams

Technical information

Angelina™ beams are fabricated based on the exclusive use of hot rolled sections. A single cut-out is made in the web by flamecutting, the two obtained T-sections are shifted and rewelded, leading to an increase in height.  The structural product thus obtained has an increased ratio of moment of inertia to weight.

For a given section height, length and spacing of openings are variable resulting in extremely adjustable beam geometry and a perfect suitability to the project requirements.

Objective: Optimisation of the height/weight ratio
Applications: roofing, gangways/footbridges, wide-span purlins
Common steel grades: S235, S275, S355

Objective: Optimisation of the load/weight ratio
Applications: floors, carparks, offshore structures
Common steel grades: S355, S460, HISTAR® 460

Base Profiles
IPE300 – IPE750, HE240 – HE1000, HL920 – HL1100, HD260 – HD400, UB305 – UB1016, UC305 – UC356, W310 – W1100

Aesthetic, functional & sustainable

Sleek, open, transparent and flexible, Angelina™ beams offer a new architectural dimension within an environmentally friendly approach. With their sinusoidal web openings, they elegantly combine function with flexibility, integrating technical installations and optimizing the weight/height or load/weight ratio.

These lightweight, long-spanning, structural elements enable the design of vast column-free spaces and present an interesting alternative to trusses and open-web joist systems. Thanks to a reduced production time and substantial material savings, Angelina™ also meets the economic requirements of your projects.

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