Cofradal® 200/230/260

Floor Profiles

Cofradal® - Integrated floor system

Technical information

The composite floor system Cofradal is available in slab heights of 200mm, 230mm and 260mm and can be used for spans of up to 8m.

It incorporates a specific tray, sound and thermal insulation material, a weldmesh and a concrete slab.

Cofradal 200 can be supplied without a concrete screed, which is then added on the building site. The underside is galvanised or precoated, and has a flat and clean surface.

Composite Floor system ready to be installed

Cofradal® 200/230/260 is a prefabricated composite floor two times lighter than a traditional concrete floor slab.

This composite floor system is ready to be installed and to be poured with concrete, combining low weight with acoustic and thermal performance as well as fire resistance.

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