Cofraplus® 220

Floor Profiles

Cofraplus® 220 - Additive Steel Deck

Technical information

Cofraplus® 220 combines the outstanding resistance of the patented steel profile with the performance of a ribbed reinforced concrete slab. The total load bearing capacity results as the sum of the resistance of both elements, as no composite action is taken into account.

The high values of moment of inertia and bending moment guarantee large span without propping.

Cofraplus® 220 sheets are available with thicknesses of 1, 1.13 and 1.25 mm, with a maximum length of 9 m.

Best in Class

The long-span floor system for car parks and office buildings

Cofraplus® 220 provides outstanding performance:

•    Low overall weight of the structure
•    Spans up to 6,0m without temporary propping
•    Easy handling and fast installation
•    Clean and safe construction
•    Advantages of a continuous slab design
•    Maximum flexibility using wings or connectors
•    Ideal for car parks structures, office buildings and renovation projects

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