Cofrastra® 40/70

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Cofrastra® 40

Cofrastra® 70

Cofrastra® - Composite Floors with High Bonding Capacity

Technical information

ArcelorMittal’s Cofrastra composite floor deck family consists of Cofrastra® 40 and Cofrastra® 70:

Cofrastra® 40: with a profile thickness of 1,00 mm and a weight of 13,33 daN/m maximum spans of up to 2,80 m without and up to 5,0 m with intermediary supports can be achieved. Cofrastra® reduces the slab weight of ca. 20% in comparison to a traditional prefabricated concrete floor slab.

Cofrastra® 70: with a profile thickness of 0,88 mm and its low weight (12,02 daN/m2) Corfastra® 70 allows spans of up to 3,90 m without and until 6,50 m with intermediary supports. A 30% weight reduction can be achieved in comparison to a traditional prefabricated concrete floor slab.

Best in Class

ArcelorMittal’s Cofrastra® 40 and Cofrastra® 70 composite flooring decks are characterized by their special dove-tail rib shapes that optimize composite action with concrete to allow heavy loads at medium spans.

Suspended ceilings and technical equipment can be easily installed thanks to the Cofrafix clip system, which can manually be introduced into the steel profile ribs and avoids noisy drilling.

The web-based design tool Cofra5 is free of charge and offers assistance in the calculation of ArcelorMittal’s composite flooring solutions.


•    Cofrastra® acts as a horizontal wind brace and contributes to the stability of the entire building.
•    The dove-tail rib shape ensures perfect connection with the concrete.
•    The specifically developed Cofrafix clip system can be introduced manually in the ribs and ensures quick, easy and flexible installation of technical equipment and suspended ceilings.
•    It is a safe working platform before concrete pouring.
•    Due to its low weight, substantial savings can be achieved in construction weight, time and, consequently, cost.
•    Fire resistance of 30 minutes without additional reinforcement
•    The reinforcement of the floor deck often makes further span reinforcement unnecessary.
•    Manual installation, no cranes are necessary on site.
•    Easy handling and quick installation guarantee the flexibility required in renovation works.
•    Cofrastra® 70 can be made of pre-painted steel.
•    The use of composite floor systems allows irregular shapes, curves and special floor openings.

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