Coatings for Profiles and Panels

Flontec® The anti-grafitti pre-painted steel

Technical information

Flontec® is now available on a large scale of the Colorissime range:

  • Prestige : Intense, Pearl, Irysa
  • Texture : Edyxo
  • Excellence : R’Unik and Hairexcel
  • Freedom : Hairplus and Hairultra

The easy way of removing graffiti

Graffiti removal has never been easier! Arval by ArcelorMittal propose profiles, panels and sidings in Flontec® - anti-graffiti, prepainted steel, a unique new prepainted steel that allows repeated easy removal of graffiti.

  • The new coating is designed to protect against both graffiti and also resists marker pens. Once the protective coating has been applied, graffiti can be removed with clear water using sponge, soft brush, cold low pressure power washer according to the nature and size of the surface
  • There is no longer a need for hazardous chemicals and no more training or safety issues to clear unsightly graffiti and tagging – with Flontec® anti-graffiti, graffiti can be washed away simply and quickly with nothing more than tap water!

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