Indaten® - Atmospheric corrosion resistant steels

Technical information

Indaten® is a structural steel with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion, forming a changing protective patina evolving with the environment.

  • Dimensions: from 1.7 up to 80 mm thick. For thinner thicknesses :0.5 to 2 mm thick
  • Mill finishfor coils and sheets: pickled up to 7 mm thickness.
  • Surface preparation: pickling and degreasing in order to obtain a finely grained patina.  
  • Coating: excellent adhesion of organic coating. The protective layer prevents rust propagation under the paint layer.
  • Assembling: by welding or riveting and bolting with Indaten® or Stainless Steel parts.
  • Welding: excellent weldability with all the usual welding processes.


  • For Hot Rolled steel: Indaten® 355A & Indaten® 355D
  • For Heavy Plate: Indaten®355H
  • For Cold Rolled steel: Indaten® HC315WP


Recommendations: not to be exposed neither to condensation or repeated soiling -free chlorine environment- nor to a marine atmosphere.


Best in Class

Self-protecting steel with raw aesthetic

Ideal steel for building exterior, façades and structures of buildings and bridges

  • Appealing aesthetic
  • Self-protection requiring no maintenance
  • Excellent corrosion protection for post painted
  • Wide product range from thin thickness till thick plates
  • Large palette of applications from buildings, bridges to perforated metal and dust collectors
  • High-longevity
  • Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable

Attractive, aesthetic appearance

  • Authentic, natural colour
  • Evolving patina over time
  • In harmony with natural and urban environments.

Economic advantages

  • No need to re-protect, no painting costs
  • Long term durabilit and no maintenance costs
  • No maintenance = no disturbance: Bridges and infrastructure do not need to be closed to maintain the weathering steel.


  • Wide product range from thin thickness till thick plates
  • Easy to process with the same tools as structural steel
  • Welding consumables available
  • No extra processing or equipment costs.

Design and conception

  • Similar standards (for example, Eurocodes) to structural steels
  • Similar calculation tools
  • Speed of construction.



  • No waste management needed on site when repainting is needed
  • No additional corrosion protection needed, no repainting
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted to air or water during site operation.
  • Low carbon footprint.


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