Shallow Floor Beams


Technical information

SFB: SlimFloor Beam
A plate is welded under the bottom flange of a hot rolled section. This solution is perfectly appropriate for small scale standard projects where materials are immediately available.

IFB: Integrated Floor Beam - Type A
A lower plate is welded onto a section cut at the web to replace the bottom flange. The distance bp has to be determined in accordance with the specific requirements of the slab elements.

IFB: Integrated Floor Beam - Type B
A welded plate replaces the upper flange of a hot rolled section cut at the web. IFB Type B beams are suitable for small spans.

CoSFB – Composite SlimFloor Beam
This new development combines the advantages of composite design with traditional slim-floor construction. The connection between in-situ concrete and the hot rolled steel section is assured by concrete dowels, created by openings in the web of the steel section. This innovative shear connection assures composite action without increase of construction height.

Built-In Floor Beams

Developed and offered by ArcelorMittal, the "SlimFloor" system is an innovative, fast and economical solution which marries composite or prefabricated concrete slabs with built-in steel beams. The secret of design is a special kind of girder with a lower flange which is wider than the upper flange. This arrangement makes it possible to place the floor slabs directly onto the lower flange of the beam, the beam is integrated into the slab.

Shallow Floor construction optimizes the effective volume of the building and offers a number of advantages:

  • Floor thickness reduction of between 20cm and 40cm
  • Easy Incorporation of under-floor technical equipment & simplification of false ceiling fittings
  • Freedom in ground floor design: open & flexible workspaces without intermediate columns
  • Built-in fire resistance
  • Light structures, especially if combined with composite flooring solutions
  • Easy to build: fast & simple assembly
  • Competitive pricing & low material consumption
  • Sustainable construction: 100% recyclable & reduced transport
  • Award & Technical Approval: ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products received a distinction by the German Steel Construction Industry Award for the development of the innovative concrete dowel technology CoSFB and a technical approval certifies the product for the German market.

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