Light Steel Framing

Technical Information

Styltech™ is a construction system comprised of steel frames and roof frames that involve the optimised use of light-gauge components in galvanised high-yield steel.

They are primarily intended for load-bearing steel structures in the residential sector; in particular, for detached, semi-detached, or terraced single-storey or two-storey houses.

The Styltech™ concept is based on the assembly of a range of sections (12 to 14 cm wide depending on the project).

Computer-designed & Easy to erect

  • Computer-designed structure: highly reliable manufacture and remarkably rapid processing
  • Earthquake and hurricane-resistant structure and compliant with regulations in force (e.g. wind & snow loads)
  • Guarantee of costs & timeframe mastered from the design phase of the project
  • Durability: stability & corrosion protection
  • Simplified assembly: the sections are delivered with identification markings in accordance with the assembly drawing.