U Sections

Sheet Piles

U section sheet pile range:

U sections sheet piles

Technical information

The various geometrical characteristics of the U section sheet pile range allow a perfect technical and economical choice for each specific project. The combination of great wave depth with big flange thickness giving excellent statical properties.

Technically & economically optimized

Characteristics of U section sheet piles:

  • A wide range of sections forming several series with various geometrical characteristics, offering the choice of the section technically and economically best suited for a specific project.
  • The symmetrical form of the single element has made these sheets particulary convenient for re-use.
  • The possibility of assembling and crimping the piles to pairs in the mill provides an improvement of the installation quality and performance.
  • Easy fixing of tie-rods and swivelling attachments, even under water.
  • Good corrosion resistance, the biggest steel thickness lying on the outer part of the geometry.