High quality standards, guaranteed strength and durability offered by steel products provide a sense of security and stability. ArcelorMittal Europe’s trademark steels, the HISTAR® and Amstrong® structural steel grades combining high strength, good toughness and superior weldability, perfectly match these requirements.

The aesthetics of steel and its unthinkable beauty can be seen in countless aspects:

  • A large panel of surface finishes: smooth, grained, textured or embossed.
  • A wide choice of colours: solid, metallic, pearlescent.
  • A required degree of gloss: anything from matt to high gloss.
  • Various printed patterns that can be proposed to complete the range of possibilities.

To obtain such performances, among other product ranges, ArcelorMittal Europe offers:

For outdoor use

  • Granite® product range
  • Solano® Nature
  • Indaten® weathering steels, with its specific patina aspect

For indoor use

  • Estetic® product range

We are at your disposal, ready to offer products of highest quality that perfectly suit your needs.


Who, if not them - are the fathers of every project? They’re the ones who exude that first impulse, the idea. They turn their dreams into reality, shedding them onto paper through the imagination of an architect and the knowledge of an engineer. Both of these ingredients ensure the practical operation and use of the facility. No project would be possible without this vital team: Investor - Architect - Engineer - Contractor. It is the investor, however, who plays the deciding role and determines if the investment is to occur. There are multiple areas to be satisfied - aesthetics, quality, functionality, and of course, the one that in fact "manages" the investment - the economic one.

As a steel manufacturer who’s involved in many investment processes, ArcelorMittal perfectly understands above mentioned needs and can provide products that meet all the demands requested by the market.

Economical steel is a concept known to everyone. A short construction periods allow for faster access to the facility and therefore limits construction costs, leads to earlier return on investment and reduced interest charges.

As far as functionality is concerned, steel-framed buildings are not only easier to adapt, but in comparison to classic technology, allow for higher floors and more usable area, at the same cubic capacity.

At the same time, steel components as one of the most sustainable building materials in the world - structural frame, external walls, solar shadings - provide credit points for green building rating systems like USGBC's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or BREEAM  (The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), increasing the incontestable value of the investment.