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As a major provider of steel materials for the construction industry, ArcelorMittal Europe is offering a full range of steel solutions for building interiors:

  • Estetic® BioAir organic coated steel - developed for internal application, free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals.
  • Xcellook® organic coated steel - also suitable to achieve a metallic aspect resembling aluminium or stainless. Aluzinc® Florelis metallic coated steel could provide an alternative as well.
  • Granite® HDX organic coated steel is the material of choice for building interior with corrosive environment, such as cold rooms.
  • Enamelled steel solutions are particularly interesting when building interiors with very strong constraints regarding health and maintenance, such as hospitals, railways or subway stations. In addition, there is extensive demand for transforming internal walls into functional training boards, especially in schools and universities or R&D centres.

Our Technical assistance department is at your disposal to provide best in class solution for building interiors.

Building interiors

A building’s interior plays a major role not only when it comes to ensuring its occupants’ health and comfort, but also in contributing to safety and construction durability.

With its capability to provide desired aesthetics, as well as healthy and safe solutions, steel is one of the preferred materials chosen for building interiors.

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