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ArcelorMittal Europe is pleased to offer you a wide range of products, such as:

  • Hot rolled steels floor plates, with the specific S235 DIAMOND form
  • Indaten®, weathering steel with very good resistance to atmospheric corrosion for external or internal purposes.
  • xcellook®, an organic coated brushed steel with metallic appearance. Fingerprint-resistant, easy to clean, good resistance to scratches and stains, making it the perfect material for escalator framework.

These, and many more, are offered through our ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions network, which is present almost everywhere in Europe. It is able to provide small quantities for all steel products with a short delivery time.

We would be happy to contribute and assist with your space arrangement.

Stairs & escalators

Communication, often referred to as "dead space", "wasted", non-commercial, is in fact the very space that determines the interior and creates its character - whether it’s a large shopping centre, office building or an individual home.

Stairs, sometimes shyly hidden and acting only as background, can also be the focal point of a space - like a monument, proudly visible and rising up.

Steel, bent for balustrades, perforated for steps, patterned, lightweight and thin, allows you to create any form of architecture - from heavy, massive - even "rough" - to light flakes seemingly drifting through the space.

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