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At ArcelorMittal, we are proud to contribute to bridge construction, as we are able to satisfy the highly demanding technical and service requirements set by designers and contractors.

Among our innovative range of products and solutions, some are particularly bridge oriented and are ideal for short to very long-span projects:

  • High Strength Steels, used to design and erect lighter structure, which is more resistant, more economical, and involves less environmental impacts.
  • Enhanced weldable steels with very high toughness levels, in order to ensure robustness and long-life durability, whatever the local conditions may be.
  • Weathering steels, requiring less maintenance along the complete life cycle.
  • Sheet piles and reinforcement bars for foundations and piles.
  • Prefabricated solutions, delivered on site for short and medium spans.


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Throughout its wide range of products, ArcelorMittal provides an extensive set of bridge solutions that fulfil your project performance requirements. Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal, in order to continue contributing to the creation of new links between people.

For more than 3000 years, bridges were never perceived as typical construction works. They have always been a symbol of mankind skills and knowledge, and they represent the creation of links between people. Therefore, it’s no wonder why bridges all around the world are recognized as “landmark constructions” and are visited by thousands of people each year.

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