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ArcelorMittal can offers long and extensive experience supplying steel solutions for skyscraper constructions all over the world. We are able to satisfy the most stringent technical requirements due to our comprehensive range of products:

  • Unique range of heavy sections, with "jumbos" especially designed for high rise buildings.
  • High strength and ultra-high strength steel grades capabilities for sections and heavy plates, with enhanced toughness and weldability performances.
  • Complete range of composite flooring products and solutions, like Cofraplus® and Angelina™.
  • Metallic and organic coated steels, used as components for façade or ceilings, but also for equipment and partitioning.
  • Processing capabilities: delivery of cut to length structural shapes or fully processed and finished composite beams to the contractors.

ArcelorMittal has established partnerships with specialized engineering offices and contractors worldwide, as demonstrated by the full list of project references. Our R&D department is constantly striving to improve our products’ performances and we are proud to be considered the supplier of choice and to contribute to some of the most iconic high-rise building constructions.

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High-rise buildings

Through its wide range of products, ArcelorMittal provides an extensive set of structural solutions that fulfil the performance requirements for high-rise buildings.

Like long span bridges, high- rise buildings can be considered both landmark and iconic structures. Some of them become worldwide attractions, making their name and location well known around the globe, while enchanting many tourists every year.

Due to its strength and load bearing capacity to weight ratio, steel is the undisputed material of choice for high-rise building structures.