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ArcelorMittal’s offer includes all the elements of a modern home – from structural steel frames and lightweight façade to roofing systems.

  • Styltech™ - construction system comprising steel frames and roof frames. It involves the optimised use of light-gauge components in galvanized high-yield steel.
  • Sunstyl -vertical and horizontal façade sun screens. Perforated sheets, 3 dimensional panels and slat systems allow architecture to play with light and shadow, colours and transparency, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the buildings' interiors.
  • Roofing with tile or slate patterns with Granite® Impression Cloudy and Granite® Storm which combines aesthetics and steel advantages -  lightness, possibility of low slope, ease and speed of installation, resistance to climate and impermeability to water.
  • Rainwater systems with Granite® Rain HDX, prepainted steel and Magnelis®.

 We constantly extend our range of products and solutions in order to give you the possibility to create the home of your dreams!

Individual Housing

While designing, building and buying our new home, we want it to fit all of our needs. It must satisfy all of the requirements concerning functionality, aesthetics and of course, be energy efficient.

The ideal home should meet the highest acoustic and fire resistance standards, and various technical norms. The construction of a steel frame building is much more time efficient than the traditional technology. Steel frame buildings, which are very popular in Northern America, fulfil rigorous thermal requirements.

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