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At ArcelorMittal Europe, we are able to efficiently fulfil the market’s demands, by developing the following range of solutions:

  • for structural frame - the widest range of sections, plates and sheets, as well as purlins for secondary framing.
  • for long life durability - our Organic Coated and Metallic Coated product line, such as Solano® Nature collection and Aluzinc®, offering superior resistance to harsh industrial conditions.
  • for thermal and fire insulation - cladding and roofing solutions, such as mineral wool sandwich panels Promistyl®, offered for constructions with high exposure to thermal performances.
  • for acoustical solutions - combination of profiles and trays designed to solve sound and noise issues.
  • for heavy-duty purposes - whole range of specific crane rails for heavy load transportation needs in production halls.

Whether we’re assisting with small local workshops or very large industrial buildings, ArcelorMittal Europe is offering a complete range of corresponding products and solutions. Our steel products will always strive to improve and contribute to the efficiency of industrial buildings, whatever the project scale and purpose may be.

Industrial buildings

Over the last 100 years, steel has proved to be the unquestionable material of choice when it comes to industrial building construction. Due to its quick assembly process, flexible and adaptable building volumes, and its ability to provide the best thermal, acoustic and fire resistance solutions, steel is the primary element used in production halls all around the globe.

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The products are available in a variety of structural steel grades, including Histar® hot rolled sections and high strength steels for heavy plates, enabling large span structure design with less environmental impacts. Our processing centres are able to deliver customized solutions such as welded sections, directly to the contractor or even to the building site.

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