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We’d like to invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide product range:

For outdoor use

  • Granite® product range
  • Solano® Nature
  • Aluzinc®, to obtain metallic aspects
  • Indaten® weathering steels, with its specific patina aspect

For indoor use

  • Estetic® product range
  • Xcellook®

For the most construction flexibility, we recommend:

  • Full range of high strength steels sections and plates, to enable design of long span structure, optimize volume adaptability and light management.
  • Castellated beams, as ACB® or Angelina® to simplify service integration and avoid the issues related to any additional service zone below the beam level.

We remain at your disposal to expose the beauty and utility of steel in every aspect.


Today’s facilities of historical importance are more than just houses of art. While exposing their collections of exhibits, they sometimes become works of art themselves.

Museums – places for intercultural dialogue, where admiration meets inspiration.  No one remains indifferent, wether to their architecture or the treasures and exhibitions they possess - both temporary and long-standing, contemporary and ancient.

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Modern trends and possibilities to use materials with various textures and colours allow for steel to expose all of its properties and characteristics, such as matt or polish finish and various shapes – flat, formed or bended - to complement and enhance the architectural design of elevation.

On the inside, steel allows for different lighting designs and the overall feel of lightness, in any given form. These excellent parameters allow steel to meet the rigorous requirement of prestigious constructions, adapting to all trends of art.

Steel structure, as compared to other forms, provides a much wider variety of adaptation options for exhibition spaces.

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