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ArcelorMittal’s steel solutions for power plants include:

  • Full range of hot rolled European sections (I, H and U), British, American, Russian and Japanese sections, including extra heavy section sizes
  • Entire range of angles and merchant bars
  • Histar® high performance structural steels with low alloy content and improved weldability
  • Alloyed steels for elevated service temperature grade 16 Mo3, available for the whole range of rolled sections and merchant bars
  • Thermomechanical steel grades for plates, sheets and sections up to 690 MPa yield strength 
  • Trapezoidal & sinusoidal roofing and cladding sheets, including acoustic solutions or mineral wool panels like Promistyl® for specific fire safety requirements
  • Long life organic coated steels like Granite® range with improved and guaranteed durability
  • Full range of composite floor solutions like Cofrastra® product range.

As a steel supplier for power plant constructions worldwide, ArcelorMittal’s assistance team can offer the highest level of expertise in this field. We provide technical advisory services for products, but also supply chain and logistic services when project is in developing countries. With the support of our R&D department, our specialists can help you find the solution that best fits your project specifications.

Power Plants

Steel’s cost-efficiency, flexibility and mechanical characteristics make it a profitable and beneficial construction material for the assembly of modern power plants, while fulfilling their respective requirements.

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The ever-growing demand for energy calls for continuous investments in new power plants, combined gas and steam turbines as well as alternate fuel power plants. It even leads to the use of renewable sources of energy such as wood pellets. This in turn requires enormous amounts of steel.

Rolled sections provide an attractive solution for the load bearing structures of power plants, as they reduce construction time and lower labour cost. Steel solutions, in particular rolled steel sections, are not only used for the building structures of the power houses and secondary buildings, but also for the internal working platforms, support frames and truss structures.

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