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Improved Performance & High Degree of Prefabrication

The Prefabricated Composite Beam (PreCoBeam) is made of a heavy beam that is oxycut along its web with a specific geometry.

On the one hand it creates the special bond with the concrete and thus substitutes the welded shear studs in standard solutions, and on the other hand improves the beam's fatigue performance.

The aim was to improve the mechanical performance of steel, specially the fatigue behaviour, and to reach a higher degree of prefabrication of the elements in order to reduce the installation time.

PreCoBeam Bridges

PreCoBeam (Prefabricated Composite Beam) marks the beginning of a new method of short and medium span bridge construction with hot rolled steel sections - competitive and sustainable!

The concept for this new type of composite beam was invented in the beginning of the new millennium and in the last years, ArcelorMittal R&D department and their partners have spent a lot of time testing and optimizing the solution.


Cutting Scheme


  • high degree of prefabrication, enabling quick erection process and low disturbance when erected on existing infrastructure,
  • reduction of coating surface,
  • elementary steel construction nearly without any welding,
  • sparse maintenance and easy monitoring.
  • high safety standard in case of vehicle (trucks) impact, especially for bridges with only two girders (shock).

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