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Elevation materials that come in an unlimited range of shades and satisfy any thermal and acoustic norms, such as:

  • Sandwich Panels – Promistyl® or Flamstyl® for cladding, Ondatherm® for Roofing, characterized by an exceptional ease of installation while respecting the most demanding thermal regulations.
  • Panels Hairplan®, specially formed in shapes that limit number of necessary facade finishing processes. The panels, aligned vertically, horizontally or slantwise create an attractive facade surface which is free of joints, available within RAL and within a unique Arval-Colorissime colour range.
  • Lower maintenance can be achieved by utilizing special coatings - Flontec® and Hairclyn®


  • Depending on the required finish, our recommended organic and metallic coated range:

           - Granite® Standard: A quality cost-effective solution for non-demanding environments.
           - Granite® HDX (25 µm paint system): Provides good UV and corrosion resistance.
           - Granite® HDS: Has exceptional resistance to photochemical ageing and a range of attractive colours.
           - Granite® Impression Wood (35 µm paint system): The beauty of a colourful palette combined with a wide range of wood finishes.

ArcelorMittal’s teams are at your disposal to present you with the most satisfying solutions in accordance with your requirements.

Shopping Centers

Modern shopping centers, often located in the cities’ suburbs, tempt their customers with a wide range of products and huge grocery spaces. Their additional asset is an easy commute as well as endless open car parks.

Shopping Centers, belonging to the retail sector, must satisfy the investor’s extremely rigorous requirements. Retail floor plans must allow for the configuration of large rental spaces, which won’t be divided by big construction pillars and which will have enough room between the ceiling joists to hide an endless amount of cables and cords. All of that is most certainly possible when utilizing steel construction. Moreover, steel has the capability to deliver flexible and lightweight solutions in a timely manner and at a competitive price, while maintaining reduced environmental footprint.

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ArcelorMittal’s offer includes:   

  • Castellated beams, such as ACB® or Angelina™, to simplify service integration and avoid the issues related to any additional service zone below the beam level.

  • Composite construction solutions - the most economical and efficient design option that combines steel for the structure, and concrete for decking.

  • Long- span structures are more frequently used in buildings and civil engineering as they offer full construction flexibility, adaptability, life cycle, cost savings and reduced environmental footprint.