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At ArcelorMittal Europe, we are providing solutions with certified fire resistance performances, in accordance with the most severe standards for testing at European level:

  • Façade, made of Flamstyl® sandwich panels, are certified for fire resistance of single storey buildings.
  • Composite Floor solutions, like Cofrastra®, are up to 2 hours fire resistant (REI120) without additive protection.
  • CoSFB® flooring solutions, combining slim floor beam and composite floor concept, is also up to 2 hours fire resistant (REI 120) without additive fire protection.
  • In single storey public or residential buildings, the combination of Styltech™ light steel framing solution and plasterboard internal partinioning brings a suitable and competitive solution concerning fire resistance.

Our R&D department has a broad expertise in fire resistant steel solutions, including fire engineering.

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Fire Resistance

As safety is a big part ArcelorMittal’s core values, we constantly extend our range of products and solutions in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements with respect to fire resistance performances.

Construction components are not tested regarding fire resistance performance. This performance requirement is only applicable to full building applications, such as facades, doors, composite decking or roofing.

However, products and components are key contributors to fire resistance performances.

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