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For more than 30 years, ArcelorMittal Europe has recognized the importance of construction refurbishment and has proposed a complete offer of modified products and solutions:

  • Sheet piles, columns, tubes and welded sections for addition or consolidation of existing foundations.
  • Structural sections or light steel frame solutions, such as Styltech™, for vertical or horizontal extensions on existing buildings, combined with high strength steel grades for lighter structure.
  • Composite flooring solutions, such as Cofraplus®, enabling to increase load bearing capacity on existing structures, whatever the material may be.
  • Full range of Metallic coated and Organic coated steels, but also profiles, sandwich panels and cassettes to create a new envelope system that improves aesthetics and energy efficiency of existing buildings.
  • Services such as products delivered directly on site, with adapted logistic to respect site constraints, especially in urban areas.

ArcelorMittal’s products and solutions for renovation can be adapted and modified to suit any project, and have proven to be efficient in very demanding local conditions.


ArcelorMittal has developed a complete range of products and construction solutions adapted to construction renovation.

Renovation is increasingly becoming the desired strategy to strengthen energy efficiency, comfort, adaptability and flexibility and to renew buildings’ aesthetics. It is also a privileged approach to improve the attractiveness of historical urban areas. Renovation enhances construction sustainability and the contribution of the construction segment to circular economy.