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ArcelorMittal Europe offers a wide range of panels, profiles and sandwich panels, which are all designed according to your project, with excellent acoustic, thermal and fire performances

  • Apart from the technical requirements, Flamstyl® S architectural insulated sandwich panel with a core made of mineral wool and prepainted steel offers the secret fixing solution along with the freedom of design.

The beauty of steel and the possibility of practically unlimited finishing inspire the material’s magical aesthetics.


Facades should be considered as the multifunctional skin of a building. Their design is based on four different aspects:
•    structural mechanics,
•    building physics,
•    specific material knowledge
•    detail design

These specific requirements result from the often complex geometries, the high demand on quality of the fabrication as well as the quality of the surface, and finally, the resistance and durability of the end product.

Apart from technical aspects, a façade makes a building memorable and gives it personality. The beauty of steel, along with its unique use of colour and light, add much value to the technical advantages of this material.

ArcelorMittal Europe has developed a full range of steel products and solutions for facade for any building type as well as each architectural creation in compliance with technical requirements:

  • In our metallic coated steel family, Aluzinc® Florelis will serve the purpose of artistic realization thanks to its rare and remarkable metallic aspect.
  • Granite® HDX is the perfect solution when color stability and corrosion resistance is demanded. Our catalogue consists of a wide selection of more than 30 different colours associated with surface finishes.
  • When remarkable glittering render and glossy finish for elegant facades is required, Granite® Silky Shine, one of our newest pre-painted steel for façade is the perfect solution.
  • Modern construction must also preserve a relationship with Nature. Indaten® façade maintains a harmonious dialogue with the natural environment.

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