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The main function of flooring is to transmit loads to the bearing structure of the building. Sometimes it is also used as diaphragms in order to support the horizontal stability of the structure, and provide seismic resistance.

Floors must also meet building physics requirements stated below:

  •     Minimizing vibration, meant to eliminate potential disturbances.
  •     Fire resistance.
  •     Thermal and acoustic performance.
  •     Durability, when under corrosive environments, both inside and outside the building.

Fulfilling said requirements ensures that the floors accommodate building services as well as other elements such as suspended ceilings.



 Through its wide range of products, ArcelorMittal Europe offers an extensive set of flooring solutions that fulfil performance requirements and effectively contribute to the building efficiency.

ArcelorMittal Europe has developed a full range of steel products and solutions for flooring of multi-storey buildings as well as industrial, commercial and storage halls.

The products can be combined into composite steel and concrete flooring solutions, in order to reduce floor thickness, integrate services and to enable optimized installation time, as demonstrated by the integrated solution CoSFB.

Moreover, slimmer floor slabs enable optimization of external façade area and thus contribute to the improvement of thermal efficiency, and global energy savings of the building.

To achieve such results, among other product ranges, ArcelorMittal Europe offers:

  • Cofrastra® and Cofraplus® decking systems which replace temporary formwork and participate in concrete reinforcement while allowing thinner concrete slab.
  • Asymmetric beams, such as IFB (integrated floor beams), or SFB (slim floor beams) that reduce the global thickness of floors.
  • Castellated beams, such as ACB® or Angelina™, to simplify service integration and to avoid issues related to any additional service zone below the beam level.
  • Steel floor plates – a cost-effective solution, such as S235 Diamond, with slip-resistant, durable surfaces for walkways, stairs and platforms.

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