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ArcelorMittal Europe, are the largest provider of products and solutions for structural steels in all kind of construction works:

  • Wide range of sections and merchant bars.
  • Full range of flat products, from 1mm thin sheet to more than 100mm thick plates.
  • Complete range of structural steel grades, including high strength steels with enhanced weldability and toughness performances, as well as weathering steels.
  • Products and solutions for composite construction, ensuring the best use of different structural materials such as steel and concrete.
  • Light steel framing construction systems.
  • Processing capabilities, in order to deliver directly on site prefabricated and tailor-made structural components.

Furthermore, our Research & Development departments have developed a unique level of expertise in fire engineering and sustainability of steel construction and we are constantly collaborating with universities as well as technical centres to develop new products and solutions.

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Throughout its wide range of products, ArcelorMittal provides an extensive set of structural solutions that fulfil your project performance requirements. 


Solutions by Application

It is a common occurrence, in the construction industry, to define buildings or civil engineering erections by their final function, for instance residential, but also by the structural material chosen by the designers.

Having high compressive and tensile strength, stiffness, toughness, and ductile properties, steel is one of the most commonly used materials in building structures and civil engineering construction, and has proven to be the material of choice for efficient and secured buildings, whatever local conditions may be.

Steel structure can be developed into nearly any shape, which is either bolted or welded together. It can be erected as soon as the materials are delivered on site, making steel a schedule-friendly construction material. In addition, steel structure can answer the most severe technical requirements to ensure people safety and sustainability. Lastly, steel structure is also valued for its adaptability, flexibility in use, and refurbishment or recycling capabilities at building’s end of life.

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