Sandwich panels

Panels with hidden fixing


Flamstyl® S: Agnios® & Effistos®

Panels with visible fixing


Flamstyl® V: Vulcanos®

Flamstyl® insulated sandwich panels with a core made of mineral wool

Technical information

Flamstyl® S 600-915-1000-1100mm panels with invisible fixings are available in two options:

•    Effistos® - panels with bent edges
•    Agnios® - panels with classic cut edges

Technical details:

•    Core: Mineral Wool 140 Kg/m3
•    Working width: 1000mm (600-915-1100 others)
•    Thickness: 80mm to 200mm
•    Maximum length: 15.50m (Agnios) and 11.50m (Effistos)
•    Fire performance: A2 - s1, d0

Flamstyl® V 600-900-1000-1100mm panels with standard visible fixings are available with two types of joints: standard and hollow joint

  • Taranos® 
  • Vulcanos®

Technical details:

  • Core: mineral wool 140 Kg/m3
  • Working width: 1000mm (600-900-1100 others)
  • Maximum length: 15m
  • Thickness: 70mm to 200mm
  • Fire performance on advice A2 - s1, d0

Flamstyl® V: Taranos®

Competitive edge

Flamstyl® is a range of insulated sandwich panels with a core made of mineral wool and prepainted steel facing. It is suitable for cladding applications with respect to the most demanding thermal and fire regulations.

Flamstyl® sandwich panels can be used in a cladding applications in buildings with high fire resistance requirements like public and logistics buildings.

The steel facings of the panels are available in any colour and coating of the wide range of Arval’s Colorissime colour chart.