Colorado Charlie: New beach restaurant uses Estetic® Access and Granite® Standard to withstand the elements

Colorado Charlie is a well-known local bar and restaurant located in Scheveningen, a beachside town near The Hague in the Netherlands. For their new restaurant on the beachfront, Colorado Charlie requested the services of Norel Hallenbouw, a specialist supplier of prefabricated steel buildings. To protect the structure in this marine environment, the steel cladding is pre-painted featuring Estetic® Access on the inside and Granite® Standard on the outside. Both finishes are part of the Nature range from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products ensuring that they do not contain any harmful chemical substances. The coils were delivered by ArcelorMittal Liège (Belgium).

Detailed information

Cosy, modern, and a little bit crazy

The building is based on a ‘Romney’ model from J. Snoei, a Dutch company that manufactures prefabricated buildings and sells them through its global dealer network which includes Norel Hallenbouw. The design is derived from the Romney huts which were widely deployed in Europe during the Second World War to provide basic shelter for people and equipment. “J. Snoei saw the possibilities for this type of structure after the war,” notes William Boom, sales manager for the company. “Initially we imported these structures, but now we create prefabricated Romney products which are used all over the world. They are easy to adapt to different uses such as the Colorado Charlie building.”

The structure was modified to fit the restaurant’s specific needs by architect Wim van de Kamer. This resulted in a side extension to the basic Romney design. As well as providing more interior space, the extension accommodates windows and glass doors which provide access to the terrace. “The other change to the basic design was the installation of a roller door at one end of the building,” notes William Boom. “When the door is rolled up, the restaurant is open for business. It’s easy to see from a long way away.”

The Colorado Charlie restaurant stands out on the crowded beachfront thanks to the bright red finish of Granite® Standard. Inside, the feeling of light and space are enhanced by white coated Estetic® Access, which bounces the light streaming through the wooden-framed glass doors and windows.

J. Snoei BV

J. Snoei BV was originally founded in 1935 as a trading company. By the end of the Second World War, the company was importing Romney huts to meet demand for these useful prefabricated buildings.

As well as buildings based on the curved Romney hut design, J. Snoei also makes pitched roof buildings and variants which feature straight walls and an arched roof.

About Estetic® Access and Granite® Standard

ArcelorMittal's Estetic® range includes organic coated steels which are produced for indoor applications by applying liquid paint to a steel substrate. The pre-painted steel meets all requirements for aesthetic quality (appearance and gloss), flexibility, surface hardness, coating adhesion, and corrosion resistance.

Granite® Standard offers robustness, durability, and colour stability for outdoor construction applications.

Project information

  • Scheveningen
  • Netherlands
  • 2018
  • Architect:
    Wim van de Kamer
  • Prefabricated building manufacturers:
    J. Snoei BV and Norel Hallenbouw
  • Photos:
    ©Norel Hallenbouw and J. Snoei BV
  • Text:
    ArcelorMittal Europe