Cavaillon school clad in water-jet cut metallic coated steel panels

The Rosa Parks Middle School in Cavaillon stands out thanks to its unique facade made of metallic coated steel panels cut with patterns designed by the architect. The illumination behind the panels creates a special effect at night, but also during the day the metallic spangle of the coating contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the building.

Detailed information

The project

The project, developed by the Regional City Council, includes the construction of a middle school for 600 students, the Verges quarter, a well-ventilated centre, a gymnasium, and a sports arena.

The school buildings are organised around a rectangular courtyard. To the west there is access to the staff’s accommodation. The main access is located in the centre, opening into the courtyard and the school buildings. To the east there is access to the car park for the staff and teachers.

From the square, it is easy to make out the layout of the buildings: a reception building, a school building, a restaurant, and the multi-purpose room.

Built on old cultivated land, it is located in an agricultural landscape in which vegetation occupies an important position.

Metallic coated steel by ArcelorMittal

The reception building has the shape of a parallelepiped and is clad with facade panels made of metallic coated steel. These metal panels were cut by water jet, which creates a spectacular effect enhanced by the illumination of the upper part of the facade both day and night.

The coated steel panels were chosen as they contribute to thermal comfort and offer maximum durability at low maintenance costs.

The steel coils (normal spangle, thickness of 1.5 mm) were transformed into panels measuring 90 x 130 cm. They were cut according to a pattern designed by the architect.

Project information

  • Cavaillon - Vaucluse
  • France
  • Architect:
    Architecture AURA / André Jollivet
  • 2006
  • Client:
    Citadis Vaucluse
  • Engineering Firm:
    Ingenierie 84 and Betrec IG
  • Contractor:
    Appia Vaucluse Midi Travaux, Poggia Provence and Sarl Silve 84
  • Photographer:
    © C. Michel Architecture AURA