Coursives de Pantin: Our steel grants a Parisian flagship a second life

Les Coursives de Pantin (The Passageways of Pantin), designed by architect Paul Chemetov and inaugurated in 1981, underwent a major rehabilitation after some issues arose regarding the facade. ArcelorMittal Construction France provided the adequate solution, composed of recently developed new geometry Trapeza® 7.96.54 profiles, to fix the facade while keeping the original look and feel of the building.

Detailed information

A recognisable facade at the entrance of Paris…

Les Coursives is a social housing building with 290 apartments, including duplexes and triplexes, located in the city of Pantin, in the outskirts of Paris. Its facade used to be composed of red brick cladding which had been designed to create a link with the “red belt” HLM* buildings built in the 1930s in Paris’ inner suburbs. The building was famous for its monumental aspect and its location at the entrance to the city, visible from Paris and the ring road.

…but an ageing building

The brick cladding was built between two concrete slabs with an insulation system composed of a 2-cm air gap and a 5-cm Placoplatre® wall. As years passed, major issues appeared with the facade. Bricks were regularly falling due to the deterioration of the PVC used at their base leading to less airtightness and watertightness.

Consequently, there was a triple objective in the rehabilitation project:

  •     consolidate the durability of the facade
  •     improve the energy performance of the residence
  •     preserve the architectural identity of a building perceived as a flagship of social housing

Steel sidings to emulate the original brick wall

Coopération et Famille (the owner of the building) and the City of Pantin, decided to partner with the architectural firm AUA Paul Chemetov to find the best solution. The renovation appeared challenging at first due to the curved structure of the building, its relief, and its external concrete structures, but after several trials, they opted to use corrugated sidings.

ArcelorMittal Construction France provided:

  •     Trapeza® 7.96.54 steel trapezoidal profiles in different shades, including Edyxo® Gaya, a textured red brick colour
  •     Hairplan® profiles in the shades Hairplus Silver, Sky alu, and Africa for the soffits
  •     window frames composite with Kristal® finishing

Corrugated sidings were the perfect solution as they are easily bendable and catch the light. Moreover, particular care was taken regarding the colour, the corrugation, and the finish of the sidings to match the texture and the tint of the original bricks.

In total, 16 months of work were necessary to give a second life to Les Coursives. This renovation even led to a 38% improvement in the energy performance of the building. “The residence Les Coursives preserves its architectural identity with a fresher, younger and more dashing image while ushering into modernity,” concludes architect Paul Chemetov.

*HLM = rent-controlled housing

Project information

  • Paris
  • France
  • 1981 (Facade renovation: 2016)
  • Architect:
    AUA Paul Chemetov
  • Client:
    Coopération et Famille
  • Installer:
    Rossi, Arblade-Sarmates
  • Photos:
    ©David Boureau & ©Paul Chemetov-ADAGP
  • Text:
    ArcelorMittal Europe Communication