Orgues de Flandre: modern and contemporary renovated facades in the heart of Paris thanks to metallic coated steels

Orgues de Flandre is a social housing building complex located in the 19th district of Paris. In the context of Paris' climate protection plan*, the architect firm Atelier Lion Associés is renovating the facade of two towers of the complex. Littoral® and ST® 300 Kristal® Hairclyn® steel sheets provided by ArcelorMittal Construction, give the buildings a fresh look to embody modernity.

Detailed information

An organ in the heart of Paris

Designed by architect Martin Van Treeck, Orgues de Flandre, built in the 1970s, is composed of six buildings (four towers and two linear buildings) offering 1950 flats in total. This building complex is an important landmark in Paris’ skyline and in the history of modern Parisian architecture. It is classified as an architectural heritage building of the 20th century.

Measuring between 25 and 38 floors, the towers of Orgues de Flandre are highly recognisable from afar. Due to their barrel shape, each with a different size, they are reminiscent of an organ, hence the name Orgues de Flandre (Organs of Flanders).

Preserving the architectural homogeneity

Social landlord I3F, who owns two of the four towers, started an ambitious energy rehabilitation and renovation programme. Supported by Atelier Lion Associés, the aim of the project was to preserve the architectural homogeneity of the complex, thus choosing steel sheets, which are durable and wind resistant. To meet the architects’ requirements and provide thermal insulation to the buildings, Jean-Michel Boulestin, advisor on this project, opted for a solution developed in collaboration with ArcelorMittal Construction France using Littoral® relief steel sheets and ST® 300 profiles coated with Kristal® Hairclyn®.

To ensure the perfect alignment and integration of the windows, a special profile was developed for this particular project with:

  •   a lighter drawing on the common sections to decrease its embossment
  •   ST® 300 profiles with closed edges and folded up for the window sills

Accessories such as splitting flaps, window flaps, joint covers around the windows, and curved angles were designed to align with the facade plan.

A focus on Kristal®

Kristal® is an ideal material combining design, aesthetics, and durability. It perfectly fulfills the requirements of the architects: the solidity of steel, the protection of zinc, and the inalterability of aluminium. Kristal® gives the towers of Orgues de Flandre an exceptional light-reflecting finish – specifically tailored for modern and contemporary facades – which will retain its shine for a long time thanks to its excellent resistance to atmospheric oxidation.

* Paris' climate protection plan aims for a reduction of greenhouse gases of 75% by 2050 compared to 2004. A 25% objective is foreseen for 2020.

Project information

  • Paris
  • France
  • 2016
  • Architect:
    Atelier Lion Associés
  • Photos:
    © Ateliers Lion Associés