Phare d'Iroise: When the EU inspires building facades

ArcelorMittal Construction again makes a building facade unique

Muralys® Créativ from ArcelorMittal Construction strikes again in a new project. This time, it gives the facade of Phare d’Iroise in Brest, France a unique look inspired by the European Union and reminiscent of the style of British fashion designer Paul Smith.

Detailed information

Diversity and unity

Although reminiscent of Paul Smith’s design, the final design chosen by Argouarch A3 Architects was in reality very much inspired by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. It represents the unofficial European flag, which was designed in 2002 as per a request by the European Commission president, Romano Prodi, to find ways of rebranding the European Union. It represents Europe's "diversity and unity" and uses 45 vertical stripes taking colours from every existing member's national flag.

It is the second time that Argouarch A3 Architects have chosen Muralys® Créativ. For their first project, a traditional layout for the town hall in Logonna-Daoulas, which they worked on together with the designer Pascal Jaouen of Quimper, was printed on the steel.

Muralys® Créativ: a unique technology for creativity

Molecular Digital Transfer is the innovative technology behind Muralys® Créativ. Thanks to this technology, ArcelorMittal Construction was able to print a high definition resolution design directly on the steel and the image was immediately covered by a protective varnish layer.

Making a strong visual impact

Beyond its shape, the facade of a building determines its character in its environment. The first visual effect is considerable in terms of:

•    Visual identity of a company
•    Reference in the landscape
•    Integration in the environment

With Muralys® Créativ, all ideas are possible, even the most extravagant ones thanks to the stunning impression resolution.

Boosting Brest’s right bank

Brest is undergoing a big development project with the objective of boosting the attractiveness of its right bank. After the introduction of France’s first urban cable car, realised with cables from ArcelorMittal WireSolutions, it is this time a multi-purpose project that recently opened on the right bank.

Called “Phare d’Iroise” (Iroise Lighthouse), it houses a restaurant, a bank, shops, offices, a medical centre, and an underground car park. The new building also accommodates 16 apartments with sea views from the fourth level. A true urbanisation is going on aiming to create an attractive hub in this new city area.

More about Muralys® Créativ

Thanks to Muralys® Créativ, it is now possible to reproduce any type of image or picture designed by an architect or owner on an ArcelorMittal Construction product. No limitations - all kinds of designs are possible, and this is due to a stunning printing process guaranteed for 10 years against external aggression. Muralys® is resistant to bactericidal agents and detergent, and it is fire-classified M1. This product can be used inside as well as outside, can be utilised vertically or horizontally, and ensures quick cleaning in the event of degradation. The product is homologated by RATP, and the polymers and pigments used for the transfer of the image are guaranteed heavy metals-free.

Project information

  • Brest
  • France
  • 2016
  • Architects:
    A3 Argouarch
  • Facade installer:
  • Client:
    City View
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