Seaview on Technocampus Ocean thanks to Muralys® Creativ

Technocampus Ocean in Bougenais, France is a new research centre specialised in metallic processes and offshore structures, which gathers 350 researchers and technicians. This unique building features a facade showing images of a clear blue sea realised thanks to Muralys® Creativ, an innovative solution of ArcelorMittal Construction that allows the printing of any visual on a metallic facade.

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The second biggest project realised with Muralys® Creativ

Technocampus Ocean is a distinctive building with its modern design and its blue facade reminiscent of the ocean. This 18 000 m² facility, located near Nantes, has been the new research platform for naval and Marine Renewable Energies activities since October 2015. The architectural firm Rocheteau-Saillard chose our solution Muralys® Creativ to realise the facades of the Technocampus Ocean. Muralys® Creativ is a digital transfer solution allowing architects to print any type of image (photograph, drawing, logo, etc.) on a metallic facade.

With 2500 m² of printed facade, Technocampus Ocean is the second biggest project realised with Muralys® Creativ after the Montpellier Arena.

A unique, customised facade

ArcelorMittal Construction demonstrated its ability to develop technical and aesthetic customised solutions in order to meet the architect’s very detailed specifications. As Technocampus Ocean is dedicated to naval and marine activities, the architectural project suggested emphasising its activity on the facades; thus, the choice of a picture showing a deep blue sea taken by Philippe Plisson (a photographer specialising in maritime photography) was taken.

The ArcelorMittal Construction solution perfectly matched the architect’s requirements as they needed a graffiti-proof product with excellent durability and a 10-year guarantee. The photograph was depixelated and fully digitalised. Neutral images were created to connect the beginning and the end of the visual and to give the impression that the image is infinite. It was then printed in high definition on 1162 steel lacquered panels.

For this very specific implementation, each piece was numbered and then assembled according to a slab layout plan made by ArcelorMittal Construction in collaboration with the building contractor Axima to comply with the architectural complexity and the technical constraints involved in the manufacturing and the mounting.

Eric Saillard, the architect in charge of the project explains: “We chose sleek steel panels to make sure to have a smooth surface for the visual. ArcelorMittal Construction's SP steel panels perfectly responded to the need of a sleek and precise slab layout.”

The unique facade created with Muralys® Creativ gives Technocampus Ocean an exclusive customised visual environment, making the building highly recognisable.

More about Technocampus Ocean

Technocampus Ocean is a shared technological research platform subsidised by Pays de la Loire Region and unveiled in October 2015 after 20 months of works. It makes available mutualised resources (advanced equipment and associated services) for the key players of the metallic processes and offshore structures industries (major manufacturers, SMEs, and academic and research centres).

Project Information

  • Bougenais
  • France
  • 2015
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