Société BMJ: The irresistible glow of Irysa® mixed with the ease of Promisol®

The Société BMJ building in Bouaye, France dazzles with its luminescent facade. Promisol® sandwich panels coated with the organic Irysa® Butterfly ensure that the eye is drawn to this commercial building with its ever-changing colour that plays with light and angles.

Detailed information

The success of Irysa®

Since its launch, the success of the Irysa® range with its iridescent finishes has been continuous. Apart from its technical qualities, this "living" hue is imbued with the enchantment of optical illusions from which it derives much of its eye-catching power.

An enchanted mixture

Composed of a mixture of two different colours, this pre-painted organic coating from ArcelorMittal consists of several layers of pearlescent pigments which make it possible to realise facades offering beautifully coloured shimmering reflections.

Depending on the angle of the light and the direction from which it is viewed, this colour changes as soap bubbles or chameleons do bringing the facade to life.

Coated steel for “living” architecture

Apart from its aesthetic effects, Irysa® offers:
•    better protection against erosion due to a thicker primer
•    improved resistance to ultraviolet rays
•    very good resistance to weathering caused by exposure to rain

The "butterfly" in the spotlight in Bouaye

The Promisol® S 1000mm sandwich panels used in this project were installed horizontally and are coated with the Irysa® Butterfly shade. This demonstrates that an attractive facade can be created economically (with quicker installation time as fewer fixings are required compared to doubled-walled systems), while also benefiting from optimal thermal insulation. Thanks to a double joint system combined with a special air leakage seal, these panels meet regulatory thermal requirements and provide excellent air tightness. Finally, the palette of colours and particular effects available makes it possible to give facades the “finishing touch” we look for.

Project information

  • Bouaye
  • France
  • 2018
  • Architect:
    Pascal Penneau
  • Photos:
    ©Christophe Pit
  • Text: ArcelorMittal Construction, Constructalia