Cutting-edge facade materials improve the sustainability of an indoor swimming pool in Germany

The Hansebad Anklam indoor swimming pool in the north-eastern German town of Anklam was designed according to the 2521 Simply Swimming concept – a smart building design that saves resources and costs for indoor swimming facilities. ArcelorMittal’s Ondatherm® insulated sandwich panels and Trapeza steel sheets were used for the building envelope and contribute significantly to the building’s sustainability goals as well as its aesthetic appearance.

Detailed information

Slangen+Koenis Architecten, a Dutch architectural firm, have designed a modern, practical, and sustainable building – optimised to its very best for functionality and user comfort.

An eye-catching structure in its environment, the rectangular building has a light green steel facade with golden window frames. The facade’s central part is characterised by diagrid shapes on trapezoidal profiles, creating a playful effect of depth. The building’s base consists of prefabricated concrete elements and contains the swimming pool. Large windows create a visual connection between the interiors and the exteriors in the swimming pool and bistro areas. Apart from the swimming pool, showers, and changing facilities, the building houses a sauna, a fitness room, a bistro, and staff areas.

Located just outside the town centre and surrounded by prefabricated buildings, new residential blocks, and a school, the Hansebad Anklam swimming pool has an important social relevance and serves as a meeting point for swimming enthusiasts, elementary as well as advanced swimmers, and sport clubs.

In addition to the progressive sustainability and energy saving design criteria established via the 2521 Simply Swimming concept, the swimming pool is connected to the town’s district heating network, which significantly contributes to its sustainability goals.

The 2521 Simply Swimming concept

2521 Simply Swimming is an initiative for the design of more efficient indoor swimming pools developed by the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation (KNZB) in collaboration with specialists as an answer to the increasing construction and operational costs of this type of facility. The name is based on pool dimensions of 25m x 21m with eight lanes. ‘Simply Swimming’ expresses its focus on swimming as a sport and health activity, not including hot tubs, saunas, or water slides. Thanks to a specially developed partition wall (2Temp®), two different water temperatures can be created in one pool at the same time. An adjustable floor system covering three lanes further increases the multifunctionality of the pool area. However, the concept is flexible and can be adapted to specific requirements.

In comparison to a conventional indoor swimming facility with similar water surface and functionality, a swimming pool designed according to the 2521 Simply Swimming principles consumes 30% less energy, produces 25% less CO2 emissions, and is certified with an A+++ energy label.

In terms of building design, it focusses on accessible, open, and transparent spaces with optimised surface use. The use of prefabricated products accelerates the construction process, minimises errors, and lessens the environmental impact.

The building envelope is key in the 2521 Simply Swimming concept as it contributes efficiently to its insulation, keeping energy consumption in check and thus reducing operational costs.

A high-performance building envelope with ArcelorMittal products

ArcelorMittal Construction provided the ideal solution to cope with the strict requirements regarding thermal insulation, enabling the architects at the same time to create a modern, contemporary building facade. In particular, the solution’s success lies in the Ondatherm® sandwich panels with their exceptional energy efficiency performance thanks to a PRT Hexacore® foam core. The use of this foam has increased the thermal performance of ArcelorMittal’s sandwich panels by 10%, making them one of the most thermally efficient panels available on the market.

ArcelorMittal Construction supplied approximately 500m2 of Ondatherm® 2003 MG panels, approximately 500 m2 of Trapeza steel sheets, and matching flashings in an attractive mint green shade (Authentic 35, Patina colour).

The aesthetic appeal of the facade design – the soft green steel with golden accents in the window frames – and the top-notch energy performance of the facade products have helped to create an efficient building, a meeting point for the community, and a visually appealing landmark.

Project information

  • Anklam
  • Germany
  • 2022
  • Architect:
  • Facade installer:
    HAB Hallen-und Anlagenbau GmbH Wusterhusen
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  • Images:
    Christian Ahlers/ArcelorMittal Construction Germany