Business Center Roerpoort: irregular linearity with Hairplan 300 siding panels

A new Business Center close to the Dutch town of Roermond offers flexible and affordable office space thanks to its modular design. ArcelorMittal Construction Netherlands supplied the steel cladding for its façade: pre-coated Hairplan 300 siding panels that provide the buildings with its characteristic aesthetics.

Detailed information

The need for affordable office space is a big issue nowadays, especially in economically growing areas like the region of Limburg in the Netherlands. The mission of the Roerpoort Business Center is to adapt to any company's needs. Its modular design permits maximum flexibility as far as the floor plan is concerned, a total of 2.600 m2 office space is separated into 120 variable units of 20m2 each, but there are more options available: from a minimum of 15m2 up to a whole floor of the building.

BC Roerpoort is situated on the new Highway A73, just a few kilometers out of Roermond and at a 30 minutes driving distance from the cities Maastricht and Eindhoven.

The building consists of 3 wings and is slightly Y- shaped in plan, two of the two upper floors present a small cantilever on the wings' ends. It was designed by RuimteMakers Architecten BNA from Maastricht according to the most modern standards of today's work life and offers office space for 60 to 70 companies. Whereas the offices are arranged on the 2 upper floors, the ground level offers a spacious, glazed entrance hall with a reception, common areas with sofas, a restaurant and meeting rooms available for rent also for non-tenants. Furthermore, singular working spaces can be rented for a day.

The BC Roerpoort is not only an exceptionally flexible building, but also meets the sustainability requirements: the energy it consumes is gained from a heat pump system.

ArcelorMittal Siding Panels

Its steel façade attracts the attention on the outside: siding panels in 3 different colours (beige, brown and grey) create an irregular yet linear pattern that continues inside the building on part of the walls in the lobby. The interior design uses the same colours of the exterior façade, which creates a soft transition from the outside to the inside. Timber elements provide a comfortable atmosphere in the entrance hall and common spaces.

The product used for the façade is Hairplan 300, an aesthetic façade solution from ArcelorMittal's Arval range. ArcelorMittal Construction Netherlands supplied the Hairplan 300 panels pre-coated with Hairplus in the colours Beige 4131, Whitegrey 4902 and Ral 7038 from the Colorissime colour chart. The Hairplan 300 panels are mounted vertically with invisible fixations, a dark-grey aluminium strip marks the horizontal separation.

Project Information

  • Herten-Roermond
  • Netherlands
  • Architect:
    RuimteMakers Architecten BNA
    Project architect: Jacco Poleij
  • 2012
  • Client:
    LIOF Business Centers
  • Photographer:
    ©Arval by ArcelorMittal