DistriFill Headquarters: Granite® Impression Cloudy 'gives life' to an industrial building

The DistriFill Headquarter building proves once again that functional architecture does not necessarily have to be plain and simple. In the design of this warehouse with integrated offices, aesthetics goes hand in hand with function, form and sustainability. The envelope, made of ArcelorMittal's Granite® Impression Cloudy coated steel, lets the building appear more human.

Detailed information

A clean look thanks to steel

Located in Oosterhout, Netherlands, the DistriFill building includes offices, public areas and a warehouse for the storage of the company’s range of plant nutrients and organic chemicals.

The warehouse offers 5.500 sqm of highly functional storage space. Thanks to the building’s steel structure and the characteristics of the flooring system, it is possible to introduce additional storeys in specific areas.

The overall design of the building is conceived as a simple rectangle. Composed of a steel structure, the bulk of the building is clad in anthracite-coloured steel sandwich panels.

The client chose steel as the main construction material due to easy installation, quick assembly and clean look it offers. With these characteristics, steel reflects the company's values.

Granite® Impression Cloudy: a pattern to reinforce the building's human scale

Granite® Impression Cloudy organic coated steel was chosen for the front façade thanks to its lively bicolor effect. The copper and brown colours in the Granite® Impression Cloudy make the facade look warmer and give the building a more human aspect.

The steel's cloudy pattern typically repeats every metre. Bureau Phi has offset the Granite® Impression Cloudy panels to reinforce the brick-like horizontal lines between the panels. The repeating pattern creates a series of diagonal lines which add vertical interest to the facade when it is viewed from a distance.

Produced by ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products, Granite® Impression Cloudy is an organic coated steel which was developed for aesthetic architectural applications such as facades and roofs.

Project Information

  • Oosterhout
  • Netherlands
  • Architecture & Engineering:
    Bureau Phi Breda, NL
  • 2011
  • Client
    Mauroen Vastgoed BV
  • Contractor:
    Remmers Bouw Tilburg
  • Steel cladding panels:
    SCH Holland B.V.
  • Photographer:
    Bureau Phi