Tychy Stadium: a modern sports venue sheathed in Granite® HD

Tychy, a city with a population of almost 130 000 in the Polish province of Silesia, is well known to all sports fans. A new stadium, built between 2013 and 2015, is an investment suited to the prestigious sporting and cultural events that it hosts. Officially opened in 2015, Tychy Stadium is considered to be one of the most spectacular sports venues in Silesia.

Detailed information

High-quality steel cladding

Construction work began in 2013 after the demolition of the previous stadium. The new stadium in its place brims with typical football character and offers seating for 15 150 in the stands. The stands are covered with a cantilever roof that wraps over the edge to form a portion of the facade. High-quality steel cladding from BP2.eu®, a Polish producer of comprehensive roofing solutions, was selected.

Choosing the right material for this project was crucial as most of the cladding is curved, which required a lightweight material with good formability. The solution? The stadium is crowned with high-quality ArcelorMittal organic coated steel in the form of trapezoidal cladding with a T50 profile and a thickness of 0.75 mm. The Granite® HD steel chosen for this project fit perfectly with the vision for this uninsulated cantilever roof. Granite® HD is characterised by excellent resistance to atmospheric agents as it is coated on both sides with a 25μ polyester coating.

Modern construction and its social role

The stadium serves as a model of modern and economical construction. The project is not only eye-catching and the pride of the city, but it is also a social investment. Ideal for family time or corporate meetings, the stadium is the place to be to witness sporting events. The facility meets FIFA and UEFA requirements, which allows for the organisation of matches and meetings as part of the European cups. The stadium became an arena for the group stage and semi-finals of the European Championship in 2017 and again in 2019 for the World Championship.

The stadium design is also adapted for the organisation of concerts and other cultural and artistic events. The facility is equipped with a comfortable VIP area with lounges, a two-level restaurant, conference rooms, and commercial space. This is topped off by 317 parking spaces around the stadium.

Tychy Stadium in numbers

  • Seating capacity: 15 150
  • Number of parking spaces: 317
  • Building area: 16 789 m2
  • Pitch area: 10 000 m2
  • Front elevation height: 17m
  • Commercial space: 5363 m2
  • Number of VIP boxes: 12

Project information

  • Poland
  • Tychy
  • 2015
  • Owner:
    The City of Tychy
  • Facility management:
    Tychy Sport S.A.
  • Photos:
  • Text:
    BP2.eu®, Constructalia