Photovoltaic roof system for the Tram Workshops and Depot Building in Jaén

In accordance with the policy of promoting public transport, the city of Jaén (Spain) has built an environmentally sustainable and efficient tramway system.  For its strategic heart, the workshops and depot building, ArcelorMittal supplied Hacierco roof decking sheet and the photovoltaic system.

Detailed information

With 2 lines, 10 stops and 4.7 km in length, the new Jaén Tramway is designed to quickly and efficiently connect the city’s most important locations on the north-south axis and at the same time enable access to the city centre, ensuring intermodality with the railway and bus interchange. Its urban integration, accessibility, intermodality and sustainability are the principal characteristics of its implementation.

Line 1, the urban section, connects the multimodal interchange with the city centre. The interurban section, line 2, goes past important points of interest such as hospitals, the university campus, industrial and business parks and the future law courts complex.

The complex

Jaén’s Tramway System’s workshops and depot complex occupies a total area of 22,480 m². It is capable of accommodating 8 tramsets under cover, but has the potential to increase this capacity by 4 additional cars in the future.  It comprises:

- a workshop and depot building, housing the tram depot, the workshops and the tramway system management and control area
- a service station
- fans of sidings

The workshop and depot building is a strategic facility and houses the control room from which all Jaén Tramway operations are managed in real time. The project consists of a single large 6,970 m² building comprising one level divided into 3 zones: the workshop, warehouses and the locker room, control room and administration area. The workshop includes a painting and wheel turning line, bogie maintenance, two maintenance lines, cleaning line and sidings. The warehouse area is divided into 2 main zones: the fixed installation warehouse and the rolling-stock warehouse. The administration area is situated around a courtyard, with a U-shaped corridor that gives access to the various rooms, canteen and locker room.

The entire building is built with a metal frame in grade S275 steel. Subdivided into 6 bays (designated A to F, as shown in the drawings), all are designed with portals comprising IPE beams and HEB columns (IPE columns for the facade portals) that support a roof with IPE purlins. The bracing, both on the facades and in the roof, consists of angle sections.

The service station is located at the site entrance.  It is a large container with a lower height in one corner and coated with weathering steel which can be extended in the future for administrative use.

ArcelorMittal steel

ArcelorMittal supplied Hacierco 4.250.46 D profile as roof decking and a photovoltaic system for the roof, comprising 234 Suntech STP-24 Vb modules in 18 chains of 13 modules in series with 9 SMA Sunny MiniCentral 7000 TL inverters giving an installed capacity of 65.52 kWp.

Project Information

  • Jaén
  • Spain
  • Engineering Firm: 
    Genova Ingeniería
  • 2009 - 2011
  • Client:
    Regional Council of Andalucía
  • Contractor:
    Tranvía de Jaén UTE
  • Installers:
    Meinsur and Innovasolar
  • Photographer:
    Fernando Alda ©Agencia de Obra Pública de la Junta de Andalucía
    ©Ghenova Ingeniería
    ©ArcelorMittal Construcción