More about Steligence®

Steligence® proposes a new approach to construction which considers buildings holistically, almost as ‘living entities’. As such, this new science-based methodology proposes the need for more dialogue between various specialist architectural and engineering disciplines recognising not only specialist expertise, but also the positive impact of enhanced co-operation between experts.

The concept has the potential to resolve the competing demands of creativity, flexibility, sustainability, and economics. Built into the Steligence® approach is a broad range of steel products for construction which individually add value, but together represent a compelling portfolio.

ArcelorMittal at Polish Steel Day

On 14 November, ArcelorMittal participated in the first Polish Steel Day, organised as part of the Build With Steel initiative managed by the Polish Chamber of Steelwork and partners at the Warsaw Sheraton hotel – an event dedicated to investors, architects, designers, and general contractors to promote steel in the construction market.

About 130 people from the business and academic world gathered at the Warsaw Sheraton hotel for this first Steel Day in Poland. The event consisted of talks by specialists from production, galvanising, and design companies, and lectures given by well-known architects and representatives of industry associations. Different topics were discussed such as: new technologies in the galvanising industry, modern steel and composite bridges, and construction of the world’s largest mobile structure – the Chernobyl sarcophagus (made of ArcelorMittal steel).

Representing ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal was represented on the Technical Committee by Marta Dziarnowska, International Steel Promotion Director at ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, and Wojciech Ochojski, Technical Advisor at ArcelorMittal Commercial Long Poland sp. z o.o.

Two ArcelorMittal speeches were given by:

•    Tomasz Plaskura, CMO Region East at ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, who focused on 'Innovation in steel for the architecture of tomorrow'
•    Dr Renata Obiała, ArcelorMittal Global R&D on the topic 'Engineering fire safety of construction and creativity of designers'

Steligence® in the spotlight

As construction was the focus of the event, Steligence® was also in the spotlight with a mini stand, including a video display, as an introduction to this concept.

Steligence® is ArcelorMittal’s radical new concept for the use of steel in construction, which will facilitate the next generation of high performance buildings and construction techniques and create a more sustainable life-cycle for buildings.

As explained by Tomasz Plaskura during his speech: “We already know that steel is an ideal material to create functional and aesthetic constructions, but it is also important to make others as passionate about steel constructions as we are because steel is beautiful…The Steligence® concept has the potential to drive significant architectural and sustainability benefits. It will also impact the cost, which will be reduced…ArcelorMittal’s new headquarters, which will be built in Luxembourg, is an excellent example of this concept”.

The Steligence® concept is enabled by the latest development in steel solutions such as building columns, castellated beams, composite slim-floor beams, additive floors, architectural panels, profile claddings, cassette systems, and many others. You can view more details at

Polish Steel Day was a great networking opportunity for people from different areas: architects, engineers, students, and academics and we look forward for the next edition.

About Build With Steel (Buduj ze stali)

The Build With Steel initiative was developed in cooperation with some of the most important steel companies in Poland. Build With Steel is the answer to the industry’s expectations for increasing the use of steel in the building industry. Steel as a material characterised by great flexibility and durability deserves proper promotion.

The Build With Steel initiative is addressed to all key players in the construction market including students and graduates of technical universities, designers, architects, as well as investors and general contractors.

Text: ArcelorMittal Europe
Photos: Buduj ze stali,