The third arch in the Mineral Park superstructure was erected 10 days ahead of schedule – on 5 April! This structure will play a crucial role in limiting the dispersion of dust towards the city, particularly in the Tamburi district.

The minerals present in the primary parks are due to be covered by the end of 2019 – almost 19 months ahead of the deadline set by the Prime Minister’s decree of September 2017.

The coverage of the mineral parks is not only one of the most important interventions required by the Integrated Environmental Authority, but also part of the most ambitious environmental plan ever with a total goal of 1.15 billion Euro in investments by 2023, making Taranto the most advanced facility in Europe.

Update: Ahead of schedule! Arch segments at the new ArcelorMittal steel shelters in Taranto

In January 2019, the first arch segment of the new ArcelorMittal (previously the ILVA metallurgical plant) steel shelters in Taranto, Italy were erected. Each segment is composed of six of a total 51 huge arch trusses that will form the 80m high, 254 m wide, and 700 m long cover structure which is required for the environmental containment of the Mineral Park.

Heavy plates from our Taranto mill were used for the fabrication of the welded tubes and trusses.

The assembled steel will be transported to its final position using dedicated rollers, as demonstrated in the construction process shown in the following video. This challenging work is being carried out under the supervision of SWS Engineering's on-site team & Cimolai, the steel fabricator and erector. For a complete visualisation of the process, take a look at this video:

Text: SWS, Constructalia, ArcelorMittal Italia
Photos: Arcelormittal Europe Flat / PLP, SWS
Video: SWS