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How to ask Steely a question

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How to use Steely to get information about a product

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1. Go to any page of - you’ll find the Steely icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Click on the icon to start your conversation with Steely.

3. Select ‘Click here to start’ and then choose ‘Our products’ in the main menu.

4. Select the category of the product if you know it. You can currently choose from Automotive, Industry, or Packaging. You can also type the name of the product and press enter.

5. Your information is displayed:

How to find a contact

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1. Start your conversation with Steely.

2. Click on ‘Who to contact’ in the main menu.

3. Click on ‘Long Products’.

4. Select ‘Bars and rods’.

5. Type the name of the country and press enter.

6. Your results are displayed: