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About Eneco

Eneco Belgium is a sustainable energy company that focuses on the production and supply of gas and electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Eneco is a leading player in the supply and production of renewable energy and one of the largest players in the wind sector with more than 1000 MW of renewable production capacity in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Eneco has been active on the Belgian consumer market since 2011 and has the ambition to supply 100% renewable energy generated on Belgian soil through 96 wind turbines and, currently, 295 000 solar panels. The company also focusses on energy efficiency through insulation projects, solar panels, energy storage, electric charging stations, and other innovative products and services.

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Eneco and ArcelorMittal unveil Belgium’s largest solar roof

The installation of more than 27 000 solar panels on the roof of ArcelorMittal in Ghent has been completed, resulting in the largest solar roof in Belgium. Installed by Eneco, this is their largest project to date making ArcelorMittal Belgium even more sustainable. The power generated will be used internally by ArcelorMittal in Ghent. The panels are fixed on a framework made of steel coated with Magnelis®. The Magnelis® steel, produced at our production site in Liège among others, is a strong illustration of sustainability.

The largest solar roof in Belgium

Eneco - the largest solar energy producer in Belgium - installed this 7.5 million Euro solar roof. The park consists of 27 104 solar panels for which 157.2 t of steel was used. The total weight of the installation amounts to 1.5 million kilos. This means that ArcelorMittal now owns the fourth largest solar park in Belgium and the largest solar roof in Belgium.

Supporting the move to clean energy

ArcelorMittal supports the move to clean energy generation by offering high-performance steels, advanced metallic coatings, and structural solutions for PV and solar thermal installations. We also offer tailormade services such as co-engineering and full project handling.

Reinforcing the sustainability strategy

The new solar panels at ArcelorMittal in Ghent will produce 10 000 MWh annually, equal to the energy consumption of 2900 households. The solar panels, together with the site’s current 10 wind turbines and the two additionally planned wind turbines, will soon provide approximately 50 MW of renewable power to the Ghent site. The sustainable energy that is generated is used entirely internally to feed the production of ArcelorMittal in Ghent.

Today, ArcelorMittal Belgium is a world-leader in energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. With this investment, the company reinforces the implementation of its sustainability strategy. ArcelorMittal Belgium follows the climate agreement of Paris. The site’s emissions are already 25% lower than in 1990, which is 20% better than what the Paris climate agreement demands. By 2027, ArcelorMittal Belgium aims to produce 43% fewer emissions, with the ambition of being carbon neutral by 2050.

Manfred Van Vlierberghe, CEO of ArcelorMittal Belgium, states that: “The renewable energy generated by these 27 104 solar panels supports us in achieving our ambition to be climate-neutral by 2050. We’re fully committed to this ambition and excited to launch Belgium’s largest solar roof. Alongside our soon to be installed additional wind-turbines, we’re again taking steps in the right direction. In addition, the new solar panels are also a good example of the importance of steel in our daily lives.”

Fast growing energy vision within Ghent industry

The initiative of ArcelorMittal Belgium and Eneco is in line with the Flemish Government’s Energy Vision for 2021 – 2030. This Energy Vision states that energy consumption must be significantly reduced and that the industry must be 10% more energy efficient by 2030.

“Large renewable energy projects such as those at ArcelorMittal Belgium are necessary in order to put in place a real energy transition. It makes a big difference to a company’s energy bill, but also to the achievement of the renewable energy targets in Flanders. Many companies in the Ghent port area realise that this change of our mindsets is crucial, and we are therefore pleased to see that the concrete implementation of the Energy Vision is being taken seriously.” ~Lydia Peeters, Flemish Deputy Prime Minister and Flemish Minister of Finance, Budget, Energy, & Culture

“I am pleased that ArcelorMittal continues to focus on the reduction of CO2 reduction and energy efficiency. The investment in this new solar park is one of their projects to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. In this way, our industry is working towards a sustainable and climate-neutral society.” ~Koen van den Heuvel, Flemish Minister of the Environment, Nature, and Agriculture

“The city of Ghent and the North Sea Port are committed to renewable energy, CO2 reduction, and reuse. By installing solar panels and solar parks in the cross-border port area, like at ArcelorMittal in Ghent, the port companies are generating renewable energy, which is injected into the electricity grid accounting for the equivalent of more than 31 000 households. In this way, our port is increasingly becoming a sustainable energy port, and together with all port companies, we are building a climate-neutral city by 2050.” ~Mathias De Clercq, mayor of the city of Ghent

ArcelorMittal Belgium continues to work on similar projects at its sites in Liège, Genk, and Geel.

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