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Magnelis® structural steel grades

Magnelis® structural steel grades include: S350GD, S390GD, S420GD-HyPer®, S450GD-HyPer®, and S550GD-HyPer®.

These metallic coated structural steels are mainly used in construction, road and railway infrastructure, agriculture and farming, solar energy generation, and tubular applications.

Magnelis® is a flat carbon steel product coated on both sides with a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy. This alloy, composed of 93.5% zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium, is applied by means of a continuous hot dip galvanising process. This optimum chemical composition has been selected to provide the best results in terms of corrosion resistance.

Indaten® structural weathering steel grades

Indaten® S355W structural weathering steel grades are fine grain, high strength structural steels offering high yield strength and improved corrosion resistance in specific aggressive environments. These grades have excellent weldability with all the usual welding processes because of their low carbon content and fine grained structure.

When used uncoated and exposed to bad weather, an oxide layer develops on the steel surface, forming a purplish-brown, finely grained patina that bonds very strongly to the steel and protects it. With their characteristic colour, steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance are used in architectural projects like bridges either to harmonise with the environment or to optimise maintenance costs all along the construction life cycle.

Text: Constructalia, ArcelorMittal Europe
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Indaten® structural steel grades