2020 HZ®-M Steel wall system catalogue available

The new catalogue has been extended to systems based on the latest HZ®-M king pile range combined with our enhanced AZ®-800 steel sheet pile generation as intermediaries. It provides new technical data needed for design according to Eurocode and includes a revised table for resistance to water pressure.

New sections, catalogue, and software for the HZ®-M Steel wall system

The HZ®-M Steel wall system, which is an HZ/AZ combined wall system, is one of the most preferred solutions for port structures and other deep excavations. A new section (HZ 630M), a 2020 catalogue, and updated software are now available.

New HZ 630M section of the HZ®-M steel wall system

The new HZ 630M section completes the existing range of the already large HZ®-M series. It was developed mainly for use in very hard driving conditions (installation in compact soils) and for structures with restrictions on the height of the system.

The flange thickness is 24.2 mm and the maximum height of an HZ 630M solution is only 672 mm (including connectors).

This new profile is available from now on and replaces the HZ 680M LT.

HZM™-AZ® Stresses software

An updated version of the HZM™-AZ® Stresses software is available.

Stress analysis for the HZM™ / AZ® combined wall system is based on the 'allowable stress design' method. It allows the user to easily select a solution based on bending moments and chosen safety factors on the steel stresses. The user can also prepare a basic material list for a straight retaining wall.

Additional features of the 2019 update include: calculating the wall properties of any combination with an AZ® infill sheet pile ranging from AZ® 12-770 to AZ® 28-700N and the new HZ 630M piles.

Text: ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling, Constructalia
Images: ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling