Video: Old stoves reborn as bike racks

Old stoves recycled into bike racks

Just like gold, steel can be endlessly recycled. A great example of this can be found in Kraków, Poland.

Tomorrow without smog

ArcelorMittal Poland recycled the steel from old stoves sent in by residents, producing 350 bicycle racks from the scrapped steel for the city. Residents who gave up their old, polluting stoves received a bonus from the company and contributed to 'Tomorrow without smog,' a programme for cleaner air in Kraków.

Not only will the environment benefit from the old stoves being replaced, but the aim is also to encourage cycling in Kraków further benefiting air quality in the city.

A great initiative from our Polish colleagues!

Text: ArcelorMittal Europe Communications, Constructalia
Images: ArcelorMittal Europe
Video: ArcelorMittal