Digitalisation of our steel business

The website can be accessed at It has been designed for optimal viewing on mobile and tablet devices but is also fully responsive across desktops.

Commenting, Lakshmi Mittal, ArcelorMittal Chairman and CEO, said:

“Steel is a material that has played a vital role in building the infrastructure of our world and much of what makes modern life more comfortable and accessible. As we now seek to transition to a more circular and sustainable world, I am convinced that steel has a central role to play and will continue to for decades to come. One of the miracles of steel is that it continues to evolve – half the grades of steel we are producing today didn’t exist ten years ago. And these new grades are being designed to meet expectations for lighter vehicles, new energy systems, and more environmentally friendly buildings. That is why we define our purpose as ‘Inventing smarter steels for a better world’.

Our website is an important point of contact with all our stakeholders including current and future employees, shareholders, customers, communities and civil society more broadly. It has been designed not only to incorporate new technologies and be easily navigable, but also to act as a central hub for all the work the company is doing to create value for our stakeholders. That includes: investing in new processes; inventing new steels for customers; improving efficiency through digitalisation; testing new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint; promoting policy suggestions that will support a transition to a low-carbon world; and offering exciting career opportunities to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

The steel industry, understandably, is often associated with the past. I hope this site will serve to reinforce how it is also a vital part of the future.”

Inventing smarter steels for a better world: ArcelorMittal launches new group website

ArcelorMittal has launched a new group website, developed around the company’s purpose of ‘Inventing smarter steels for a better world’. The site showcases the role that steel can play in a future low-carbon, circular economy; outlines how ArcelorMittal is embracing technology developments to address trends that will shape the future; and demonstrates the critical role ArcelorMittal’s products play in supporting societal transformation.

Smarter future

A central pillar of the new website is its Smarter future section, which explores the future of steel and its role in a changing world. It includes four episodes from the first season of a new podcast series, ‘Futurising,’ which features ArcelorMittal experts in conversation with a futurologist, covering:

  • The future of construction: Olivier Vassart, CEO Steligence®, discusses the future of buildings and the role of steel in them.
  • The future of steel manufacturing: Greg Ludkovsky, head of R&D, explores how steel manufacturing will be different in the future, and imagines its reinvention.
  • Sustainability: Dr Alan Knight, head of sustainable development, reflects on the sustainable nature of steel, and how this positions it as the ideal material for a sustainable future.
  • The future of mobility: Brian Aranha, head of automotive, discusses how mobility may change in the future.

Latest technological trend case studies

The website contains case studies which outline how ArcelorMittal is embracing the latest technological trends and applying them across its business to deliver efficiency and environmental improvements. Examples include:

  • How we are looking at all possible technology pathways to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • How steels are supporting the global energy transition.
  • How ArcelorMittal is making significant investments in resources, time, and management attention to understand how it can take advantage of Industry 4.0 and use data and analytics to create value for its customers and to improve its performance.
  • How ArcelorMittal’s global R&D team has developed a potato-based, biodegradable dust suppressant, applied as foam, which can reduce secondary sinter dust emissions by more than 80%.
  • How artificial intelligence algorithms inspired by the path-finding behaviour of ant colonies in the wild has helped to improve production line scheduling, delivering cost, productivity, and quality improvements.

Text: ArcelorMittal
Image: ArcelorMittal

Making steel infographic and corporate library

The website also features a Making steel infographic which outlines the entire steelmaking journey, from mining to ironmaking through to the use of steel in modern life. It also hosts a Corporate library which includes ArcelorMittal’s reporting hub and houses its policies and procedures.