Granite® Silky Shine: technical view

ArcelorMittal continues to develop organic coated offer

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products offers a complete range of organic coated steels for interior and exterior construction. The steels, which include products such as the Granite® and Estetic® ranges, have many applications in facades, roofing, and furnishing. Our R&D teams are continuously working to develop our range of organic coated steel products and solutions.

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ArcelorMittal is continuing to develop its organic coated product offer in three main ways to answer market demands:

1.    Durability: Enhancing durability by improving paints, coatings, and edges. For example, all new coatings we develop are thicker than 25 microns to create a long-lasting coating.
2.    Aesthetics: ArcelorMittal is offering new aesthetics to architects and designers including new colours, finishes, and textures. We’re also developing alternatives such organic coated steels which mimic the aesthetic of weathering steel, but can be used in extreme environments.
3.    Sustainability: ArcelorMittal’s organic coated products meet today’s sustainability criteria, but how will they perform tomorrow? We are constantly monitoring the evolution of standards such as the European Union’s REACH regulation to ensure our products remain sustainable in the future. We’re also developing new high strength steels which require less resources to produce and which enable architects to design lighter and more sustainable structures.

Text: ArcelorMittal Europe Communications, Constructalia
Images: ArcelorMittal Europe