What are the benefits for the customer of ArcelorMittal Rodange?

•    one single contact
•    ArcelorMittal warranty provided
•    packaging options
•    the possibility to group standard rails with complex finished rails - ‘transformed rails’ versus ‘rolled’ rails
•    increased flexibility and reduced lead time which leads to better service

Since the beginning of operations in March 2020, more than 1000 tonnes of products with special finishing have been collected.

Rodange sends out first shipment from in-house downstream facility

ArcelorMittal Rodange has sent out the first shipment of curved rails from our new rail transformation centre. A product of the new in-house downstream facility, this marks the start of a win-win operation for ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products.

A one-stop shop for customers

ArcelorMittal Rodange produces grooved rails, light rails, and crane rails. In the past, many of these were processed by external sub-contractors.  Now, with the creation of our in-house downstream facilities, the service centre will enable the Rodange plant to act as a one-stop shop for customers, offering full solutions performance and reliability advantages.

The service centre, located in mill hall C (formerly the rebar mill), will deal mainly with grooved rails and to a lesser extent with light rails and crane rails. In addition, this will develop the access to the tram rail market and lead to further opportunities for downstream operations.

What services are on offer with the new service centre at ArcelorMittal Rodange?

In the first phase, the service centre will offer the following finishing services:

•    drilling (fish plating is done directly by the mill; the service centre will provide tie bar drilling)
•    bending (only for grooved rails)
•    straightening
•    cutting

More services are planned for a later phase.

Text: ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, Constructalia
Images: ArcelorMittal