Wind energy: steels for towers and turbines

With existing wind towers using up to 180 tonnes of heavy plate and hundreds of individual towers in a wind farm, the logistics of ensuring just-in-time deliveries of steel are critical for success. ArcelorMittal’s global footprint enables us to meet the needs of some of the leading players in this market – wherever they are located.

Our solutions

Our heavy plate is used to construct both the tower and, in offshore installations, the jackets that keep the turbine stable on the sea floor. ArcelorMittal is also working with wind turbine developers to create the next generation of towers which are lighter and do not require welding.

We also supply non-oriented fully processed electrical steels for the medium and high-power generators which sit at the top of the wind tower. These steels possess all of the required magnetic properties to maximise the amount of energy each turbine can produce.

Offshore wind farms

Our steels for offshore structures offer improved workability and weldability and can be supplied thermomechanically rolled or normalised. They can be utilised in applications such as platforms and equipment for new fixed wind towers.

ArcelorMittal can conduct the following tests if required:

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Reduced Carbon Equivalent (CEV) or Parameter Crack Measurement (PCM) values
  • Transversal impact tests
  • Improved deformation properties perpendicular to the surface of the product as per EN 10164 (Z test)
  • Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) test

Text: ArcelorMittal Europe Communications
Images: ArcelorMittal, Majeczka/, Andrea Crisante Pedrosala/