Steels for solar energy generation systems

Solar photovoltaic plants are designed to last at least 20 to 25 years. They are built in various climates (tropical, industrial, etc.), locations (sea shores, islands, etc.), or geological soils (including the most aggressive).

Supporting structures

The supporting structures for PV panels must withstand these conditions while generating minimal maintenance costs. These requirements are extremely demanding. For these reasons, ArcelorMittal offers Magnelis® - a steel with excellent corrosion resistance that is at least three times better than traditional galvanised steel. Magnelis® exhibits a self-healing effect in the event of scratches, which also improves edge protection.

Magnelis®: best in class solution

With excellent in-use properties and a wide range of feasibility, Magnelis® is one of the best in class and most cost-effective alternatives to post-galvanised steels. Since its launch in 2012, Magnelis® has been selected by many solar players around the world to provide superior protection for long-lasting mounting structures, even in the most adverse environments, and for several very large installations.


The Magnelis® range is constantly improving, and the latest innovation is a new range specially created for rammed poles in soils.

Last but not least, the combination of Magnelis® with the new high strength steel grade S550GD-HyPer® offers additional opportunities for structural improvement for solar structures leading to reduced weight and costs.

Text: ArcelorMittal Europe Communications, Constructalia
Images: ES_SO /, Forming AG, PVH, CWF